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Welcome to TruckerTaxGlossary.  We are providing TruckerTaxGlossary as a free informational website to help professional truck drivers learn about tax terms that might affect their income taxes.  Income tax preparation for truck drivers can be a difficult subject to discuss, but TruckerTaxGlossary helps you learn most of the trucker tax issues with a simple wiki-format.  Created by the owners of TruckerTaxes.com, one of the most respected tax services available to professional truck drivers, TruckerTaxGlossary is one of the most valuable truck driver tax websites you will find on the internet.

Many of the terms in trucker tax lingo can be confusing, but TruckerTaxGlossary provides a simple way to help truckers learn tax terms that affect them.  And, using this site is simple.  In the left menu, you will see the tax links available on this site.  Click any link that you wish to learn about. 

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