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IRS Publication 463

IRS Publication 463 contains the rules and regulations for deducting business travel, entertainment, gift, and car expenses. For truck drivers, IRS Publication 463 is likely the most cited tax publication that the IRS has published.  It provides information on accurate recordkeeping, and how to report travel expenses (the proper use of per diem rates with regard to deducting meals and incidental expenses and the special rate for transportation workers).

The guidelines described in IRS Publication 463 help truckers with all of their employee business expenses including the per diem deduction.  The data within IRS Publication 463 applies only to truckers who itemize their tax returns.

IRS Publication 463 is not the only tax publication that truck drivers should reference. IRS Publication 529, IRS Publication 1542, and several tax forms such as IRS Form 2106 are all very important.

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