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Itemized Tax Deductions

Also called Schedule A deductions, itemized tax deductions are the alternative a taxpayer has to using the standard deduction. Itemized deductions are also called below-the-line tax deductions as opposed to above-the-line tax deductions.

By iemizing, a trucker is able to deduct all of their trucking-related employee business expenses and travel expenses. Truckers and owner-operators who itemize are also eligible to deduct several other items allowed by the IRS. These include medical and dental expenses, interest paid, taxes paid, charitable contributions, including car or boat donations, gambling losses, etc.

For truck drivers to use the itemized deductions, the trucker must be able to exceed the standard deduction amount that is published by the IRS for each given year. If the trucker cannot itemize, then none of the employee business expenses or travel expenses, including the per diem deduction, may be deducted.

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