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Truck drivers who travel on overnight trips are eligible to write off their meal expenses.  Meal expenses are just what they sound like - the cost of eating while on work-related travel. The reason the term meals is listed as a TruckerTaxGlossary term is that there are some important considerations that truck drivers must understand about meal expenses and the per diem deduction.

  1. Meal expenses are included in the M&IE calculation along with incidental expenses.
  2. Meal expenses can be calculated using the standard per diem rates.   A truck driver tax service like TruckerTaxDirect can compare this method to the city-by-city method, and determine which is more beneficial.
  3. Only meals while on trips that involve a rest period (typically an overnight rest) are deductible.

Also, it should be noted that when a truck driver deducts meal expenses using any of the standard methods described in IRS Publication 463, it alleviates the need to keep receipts, which would be required it the trucker used the actual cost method to deduct meals.

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